Commonwealth Academy Director of High School; Senior Literature teacher
Dear World Literature students--

4 school days left!

M-study guide questions through Fourth Tuesday:  Death
T-read through pg. 129
W-read through pg. 151
R-read through pg. 170

12 school days left!  You can do it!

Monday April 20
read through page 47

Tuesday April 21:
Questions "The student" through "Taking Attendance"

Read 48-68

thursday:  study Guide Questions Tuesdays 1-3

Friday:  Read pgs. 69-89

Week of dec. 15
M-actively read part 2 chpts 1 and 2

Week of Dec. 8
M-chapter 7 and 8 study guide questions
Tuesday through Friday-work on essay and activity for part one.  Choose ONE to work on Tueday and Wednesday and ONE to work on Thursday and Friday.  That will give you the weekend to complete what is left as they are both sue Monday.  I will check in on your progress everyday.

Week of Dec. 1
M-study guide questions 4-6

Week of November 24, 2008
M-actively read chpts 5 and 6 by Dec. 1
station #6-propaganda assignment due by Dec. 1
Week of November 17, 2008

M-actively read chpts 1 and 2
T-actively read chpt 3 (we discussed chpt 1 in class, tomorrow's classwork will be based on having read through 3!)  Expect a quiz!
W-none (SG question were classwork)
R-actively read chapter 4

Week of November 9

M-W:  test
R-test essay due tomorrow; compare contrast essay revisions were handed back today--final draft due Monday!!!

Week of November 2
By Friday, as assigned daily, complete draft of essay comparing and contrasting views of death in BNW and our society.
By next Monday, actively read through to the end of chapter 18.
We wil discuss the end of the book on Monday, review for test on Tuesday and have test On BNW on Wed. 

Week of Oct. 27
M-active reading chpt 14
T-chpt 15:  active reading and complete questions; irony sheet

Week of October 20
M-study for test
T-none; test today in class
W-complete test essay--you are on your honor to only use your book as a resource
R-active reading-finish 11 and 12
F-active reading 13

Week of October 6, 2008
M-complete a working outline of essay for tomorrow (directions posted on edline)
T-active reading of chpt 7
W-finish information to go on posters
R-none; we are catching up on discussion!
F-active reading chpt 8

Week of Sept. 29, 2008
M-Finish reading instructions and complete first personal response for BNW chpts 1-3. 
T-active reading chpt 4
W-active reading chpt 5
R-active reading chpt 6
F-personal response 4-6

Week of Sept. 22, 2008
M-None!  We will begin Brave New World tomorrow/Wednesday!
T-actively read chpt 1 of BNW
W-actively read chpt 2 of BNW
R-finish solutions in order to present at the beginning of class tomorrow!
F-actively read chpt 3

Week of september 15, 2008
M-graphic organizer and questions chpts 22-24
T-review directions for final Frank activity on edline
W-individual work section of final frank project-detailed instructions posted on eldine as well as the article
R-collaborative work section of final frank project-detailed instructions posted on edline as well as the article.  remember to critique the author of the article and not the student writing the summary!
F-Individual reflection due Monday by the beginning of class.  Please see detailed instructions and rubric on edline, as well as the article.  Use your notes from class!  We will present summer reading projects on Monday and Tuesday, and then we will begin Brave New World!

Week of September 7, 2008
M-graphic organizer letters 1-4
T-read introductory notes to chpts 1-10; answer questions on chpts. 1-10.  Information you need to answer the questions will come mostly from your book.  If you need an online copy, see the links below and on the edline page.  Thanks!
W-chpts 11-16 graphic organizer and questions
R-Focused freewrite:  3 paragraph minimum on:  If you HAD to choose one, who would get your sympathy:  Victor or the monster?  Why? 
Guilty/not guilty vote tomorrow
F-chpt 17-21 questions--on the last, you choose one--create a soundtrack or write a letter.  This does not have to be "project" quality.  I expect you can complete that question in 15-20 minutes.  Have fun! 

Week of September 2, 2008

M-no school
T-For friday, please bring in your completed surveys (3 total), a copy of FRANK, and the syllabus signed by your parents
W-field trip
R-field trip
F-finish webquest if needed; directions posted on edline
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