Henrico High School Chemistry instructor
Welcome to Chemistryˇ
WEEK ONE: Sep. 2-5th
Tuesday & Wednesday: Orientation/ parent form /Experimental design activity for in class & as homework.
Thursday & Friday: Go over the Activities #1-3 in handout & then intro d uce laboratory equipment and safety.  Assign Pages 5-12 in safety/technique/equipment booklet for reading.  Stress first common assessment for SOL  in 2 weeks on Monday, September 15th.  Counts as a quiz grade!
WEEK TWO: Sep. 8-12th
Mo n day: Introduction to first VT lab-Vitamin C. 
*Handout on lab activity and assign the 4 prelab questions.
They must be on another sheet of paper and written as
complete sentences.
*Text book assignment pages27-28 All "key terms" and questions #1-4 due Monday, Septem be r 15th.
Tuesday & Wednesday:ˇGo over the criterion for the lab write-up and the rubric for assessing their lab activity.  Must have the lab activity preparation done prior to lab day.
Thursday & Friday:Lab day for the Vitamin C lab.  It i s d ue before you leave the class period.  %5 late per day once class is over and report is not handed in.
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