chema Ms. Weidkamp
Glencoe High School Accel. Chem. Instructor
Welcome to Accelerated Chemistry! (aka Chem A)

This is the best time of year. Moles are beginning to not only make sense, but you are able to use them to do something useful.

Any day now Barbie and Ken will be riding along and out of nowhere G.I.Joe will come in his Hum V-A head-on collison will be imminent.  You have to design an "airbag" to save the day.  Choose reactants that will do the job quickly- but safely.  The bag must inflate upon command-your instructor's is preferred.  Good luck on the engineering task.  You may request reagents.  Stoichiometry is your best bet- not enough time for the trial and error method.  Remember lives are at stake here!

Your next instructionless lab will be to develop a technique that allows primitive cave dwellers to boil water in a wooden bowl- cave dwellers did not have microwaves.

When you have figured that out please find a way to use Boyle's Law, Guy Lussac's Law, Charle's Law or Combined gas law to do something.  It must be an original idea you thought of on your own.  Document your demonstration and present it in front of the class before Spring Break.

The ultimate challenge:  Build a homemade battery strong enough to run a radio or power up a flash light. Check out the "Babe list" of Cations.

Remember application is being able to use your knowledge to do something in a new situation. Application comes after you comprehend and understand basic concepts.

Keep up on your homework!  Whatever you do be A SAFETY FANATIC! Body parts are not easily replaced or repaired! When in doubt ask for help.

"Fast away the old year passes.
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Soon we will be studying gases.
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
PV=nRT. Fa la la la la la la la la.
Oh the Joys of Chemistry.
Fa la la la la, la la la la!"

Semester II

February:  More Stoichiometry, Thermochemistry,Gas Laws and BPA Regional Science Bowl!

March:  Quantum Theory,Periodic Law,

April:  Bonding,Water, Solutions(Chapter Applications 8-15 due)

May:  Reaction Rates, Equilibrium,Acids and Bases

June:  Redox, Electrochemistry (Applications 16-21 due)


15% Application Level Learning
40% Chapter Tests and Comprehesive Final Exam
25% Activities, Projects and Labs
20% Homework and Class Participation

Tips for Ultimate Success:
Plan on spending 15-20 minutes each day reviewing the text, homework and updating your chapter notes.  Have something to show your instructor every day that you are self- directed in your learning.
Complete all assigned homework and class work to achieve mastery of all concepts.  On your own, look for ways to use what you are learning to do something like solve a problem, design an experiment, teach what you know, or demonstrate a concept.  

If you need any help contact me at
Glencoe High 503-640-8971
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