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HOTSHOT is the largest, and generally only source for extra credit in chemistry. Consider how many extra credit points you can earn! A description of the value follows...

If we have only twelve ion quizzes this year, and have an equal number each quarter, you will earn 4 bonus points for the first quarter, 8 bonus points for the second quarter, 12 bonus points for the third quarter, and 16 bonus points for the fourth quarter even if you never do HOTSHOT again. That's 40 bonus points. If you get HOTSHOT an extra time each quarter, that's an additional 20 bonus points, or a total of 60 bonus points during the year for getting HOTSHOT and taking advantage of the extra points available by maintaining your competence.

Generally, students who do this maintain an average a letter grade, or more above what they would have if they had not earned HOTSHOT, and top students with very good grades anyway often have 100% for their semester averages. Colleges are very impressed by a 100% in Chemistry. The top average last year was 127% with bonus points. Earning HOTSHOT gives you a phenomenal advantage over those who do not earn this status.

There is a limit to the use of bonus points. A student may only add enough bonus points to raise their grade by one letter or 10%, whichever is less.

Of course, the student who knows their ions will make better grades anyway, because they will understand the lessons much better than those who do not.

Chemistry II & Chemistry I


is one of the toughest courses you’ll ever take.

You will have to study at least an hour a day at home. You’ll have to do so much thinking you’ll perspire from excess brain activity. You’ll grip your desktop with white knuckles.

But, I’ll help you every step of the way. Those who want to be successful in college, and be accepted by a good college or university will have to take chemistry and do well.

Come prepared for a lesson the first day, and a test the first week. We work from the first moment at the sound of the tardy bell to the final seconds of the period. We never have free days. We often have days in which we attempt to complete two day’s worth the work.

If you care about yourself and your future, I welcome you with open arms. If you are lazy and don’t usually work an hour a day, plan to change or you won’t make it.

You need...

3-ring binder

divider tabs with five tabs

notebook paper - college ruled is preferred

one #2 pencil for Scantrons - nothing else is ever done in pencil.

two black (only) ballpoints - for writing everything else. Ink may not be water soluble

one red ballpoint

two packs of 100 file cards 3 x 5

scientific calculator or graphing calculator

zipper pocket (to store your writing instruments and about 20 file cards)

Always remember that we can rewrite chemistry as:




Our textbook for Chemistry I, Addison-Wesley Chemistry, Prentice-Hall, Pearson Education, ©2000 ISBN 0-201-32142-4

Your textbook will be issued during the first week of school, and you will take it home and leave it there until you leave chemistry sooner or later. We have extra books, which will be available during class. This will reduce the weight of your book bag.

We make abundant use of online resources, so many of the items you will need are accessible from the computer at your lab table.

Many students choose to buy their own book so that they can use a highlighter in the book, and keep the book after they complete the course. Many students have had success with ordering from The ISBN can be entered in the search engine at

By the way, 5th period students, we have first lunch!

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