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Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy Chemistry I - Honors

Chemistry I - Honors

The Periodic Table

(1) Los Alamos Laboratory's Periodic Table of the Elements - with history, properties, and uses for each element.

(2) WebElements - provides detailed information on each element.  Author: Mark Winter [University of Sheffield , England] Royal Society of Chemistry 1998 HE Teaching Award winner.

(3) My name is Yinon Bentor, and I created Chemical as my 8th grade science project several years ago. Chemical - interactive periodic table created especially for K-12 students.

(4) Pictorial Periodic Table - searchable by text or property; includes pictures of elements, a brief history of the periodic table, and links.  This site has a monster set of links on the periodic table.

(5) Visual Elements - provides a visual interpretation of the table of elements. A technology rich site.

(6) Chemicool Periodic Table - provides detailed properties for each element. Maintained by David Hsu, a graduate student at MIT.  Many links there of interest in chemistry as well as other science and technology.

(7) Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements - scroll over an element to display its properties. Uses Javascript. A very handy interactive table.

(8) Kostas' Periodic Table of the Elements - offers general elements information, data, nuclides, molecular mass calculator, and a printable version with custom properties. Periodic Table of Elements, made by Kostis Tsigaridis (from Crete.)

(9) Modeling the Periodic Table - interactive simulation with which you can create your own model of the Periodic Table. Includes a teacher's guide.

(10) Periodic Spiral - interactive table of elements laid out in a spiral pattern which integrates the lanthanides and actinides, and helps show the relationship of hydrogen.  This is a too cool site!

(11) Periodic Table of Isotopes It looks boring at first, but take a look at the animated glossary of terms.  It is actually incredible, and it is useful while studying Nuclear Chemistry.

(12) Periodic Table of the Elements - basic display with clickable properties. A rather dull design, but it has a lot of good information.

(13) - displays basic properties.  This is a doorway, and expect lots of advertising.  But, when you get there, you will find a lot about many topics.  A good general chemistry site.

(14) Yogi's Behemoth Periodic Table of Elements An interesting site.  If you go to the site map you will discover a good chemical dictionary.  There is also one of the nicest molecular weight calculators available - it even calculates the percentage composition.

(15) Michael Dayah , designed the Periodic Table page in September 1997 when he was fourteen. He is now seventeen and a senior at McMinn County High School in Athens, Tennessee. This is a large periodic table and Michael provides tips on how he programmed this in HTML.

(16) This is a "must see" site that has links for nearly every major science area. It is an incredible effort. Paul's Chemistry Lab.

(17) This is a fantastic interactive table of the nuclides. We must not forget this site when we are studying nuclear chemistry! Table of the Nuclides

(18) Brief History of the Development of the Periodic Table This is good background information.

(19) This one includes information regarding the prediction of elements that had not been discovered. Mendeleev's Periodic Tables of 1869 and 1871

(20) What Is the Periodic Law and How Was It Formulated? R.H. Logan, Instructor of Chemistry. This is good background information.

(21) What do you think of this site? World Chemistry
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