chemcom MRS. Toth
Glencoe HS Chemistry/Physics Instructor
My expectations of each student:

1. Be seated at your desk with all materials at the beginning of class.
2. Present homework at your desk at the beginning of class.
3. Immediately sign the tardy sheet when you arrive late to class (do not go to your desk until you have signed in).
4. Ask to be excused and receive permission from the instructor before leaving the room for locker, or restroom needs.  Sign the tardy sheet when you return.
5. Fill out and submit an Absent! form when returning from being absent.
6. Show consideration to others by not talking when a student or teacher is addressing the class.
7. Be actively engaged in daily learning activities.
8. Choose appropriate times to discuss individual concerns.
9. Be familiar with laboratory safety procedures and equipment.  
10. Parent/guardian and student signatures for laboratory safety rules and this syllabus must be signed and returned.

The class atmosphere should reflect your intent as an individual and as a member of the larger group to learn.  If a student’s behavior is interfering with their learning or distracts from other’s ability to concentrate, pay attention or hear instructions than the instructor will:
Disruptive behavior or refusal to comply with teacher directives will be dealt with in the following order: 1) conference between student and teacher; 2) parent contact and notification; 3) referral to counselor; 4) referral to vice principal/administration.
Verbal or physical abuse will result in immediate referral to administration.

Student behavior capable of producing hyperbolic drive in teacher:
1. Doing homework just to get it done, not to learn!!
2. Not asking questions/paying attention or sleeping.
3. Obsessive, mindless computer playing, hacking, pirating etc. Compulsive desire to eat in lab or hallways… must eat … must eat is only thought on brain.

The laboratory
Lab activities are pre-announced.  Advance preparation for laboratory activities is necessary for the following reasons:  
1. In order to be aware of safety concerns.
2. To be familiar with the goals of the activity and the procedure to carry out the experiment.
3. Advance preparation allows the activity to be carried out within the allotted time because students who are prepared for a lab know what is going on.

While guidelines for writing laboratory reports will be fully explained in class, minimum expectations include producing a preliminary lab write up at the beginning of class on a laboratory day.  A preliminary laboratory write up has the following characteristics:
1. Is completed legibly and on new (not scratch) paper.
2. Includes the student’s name, the date, and title of the activity.
3. Includes the laboratory purpose, procedure and data table(s).  The purpose and procedure should be written in complete sentences.  Answers to laboratory questions must also be written in complete sentences for credit.  Although you will work on labs with a partner, you are responsible to turn in your own individual copy finished. Late labs will receive half credit.

Students who are unprepared the day of a laboratory activity will not be allowed to participate in the lab.  Those students may make up the lab and receive late credit.

Laboratory Make-Up Work
Laboratory make-up opportunities are offered within five school days following an absence or a lab day in which the student was not prepared for the lab.  Students must schedule an appointment with the instructor and come with their completed preliminary laboratory write up when making up a lab.  Failure to come prepared and on time to the make-up lab results in a zero for the laboratory activity.  Laboratory reports turned in without completing the lab experience will receive no credit.  

Make up Work Due to Excused Absences:

i. Be sure absences are excused by your parent/guardian within 24 hours.
ii. Call the homework hotline to determine what you missed during an absence. (1341 for chemistry).  
iii. Missed handouts for the previous five days are kept in “the box” in the room.

Student transfers
Student's transferring into class who are entering part-way into an existing chapter or unit must become familiar with the content missed due to a late start in the class.

Unless otherwise stated, homework is due the day after it is assigned. You may be able to get help on homework problems before, or after school. Late homework will NOT be accepted. Insure that work that is due is turned in on the due date regardless of your attendance. Delivery by parent, student, etc. is great.

Tests and Quizzes
All quizzes and exams are scheduled in advance; if you miss the day a test or quiz is given, you must take it the day you return.  If you miss the review day prior to a test or quiz you may make up the missed quiz or test the next day.

1. Sign in when you are tardy.
2. Three tardies per quarter are allowed.
3. More than three tardies in a quarter are excessive and affect the responsibility portion of your grade.

Grading:  Quarter and semester grade percents are as follows:
90 to 100% = A         80 to 89%  = B       70 to 79%  = C       60 to 69%  = D     0  to 59%  = F      

The grade is weighted according to the following categories:
Homework:  35%
Laboratory Reports: 15%
Tests and Quizzes: 30%
Responsibility: 20%

The responsibility grade is based on:
1. Regular attendance.
2. Fewer than three tardies in nine weeks.
3. Regularly bringing materials to class
4. Covering the text to protect it.
5. Signing and returning the syllabus and laboratory safety sheets.

All absences should be excused if they occur.  Students with an unexcused absence will be notified 48 hours after the absence.  Students gone for more than two consecutive days will need to ask if the absence came through as unexcused.  

Help outside of class is available, by appointment.  My office is in room 129.

I have read and understand Mrs. Toth’s expectations, grading and make-up policy.
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