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Current Topic:
  3) Unit 3 Chemical Bonding Chapters 10 & 11
        A) Valence electrons/electron structure of Noble Gas
        B) Stable octet
        C) Ionic bonding
           1. Formation of cation and anion
           2. Chemical formula of ionic compounds
           3. Naming ionic compounds
        D) Covalent bonding
           1. simple covalent bond
              a. diatomic molecule BrINClHOF
           2. Coordinate covalent bond
           3. Chemical formula of molecular compounds
           4. Naming binary molecular compounds
        E) Metallic bond
        F) Electronegativity and bond polarity
           1. Polar and nonpolar molecules
              a. molecular shapes
        G) Network solids
        H) Hydrogen bonding
           1. H-bond and boiling point
        I) Van der Waals forces
           2. Strength of/boiling point
        J) Properties of Ionic, molecular, network solids, &

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