chemhomework Mrs. Gunty
Seton Catholic High School  
Chemistry homework for January 11, 2001

1.  How much heat will be absorbed by 320 g of water when its temperature is raised by 35 C?

2.  How much heat will be given off by 55 g of water as it cools from 87C to 25C?

3.  Calculate the specific heat of aluminum is 16 500 J of heat are absorbed in raising the temperature of 150 g of aluminum by 125 degrees C.

4.  Calculate the specific heat of glass from the following data.  The temperature of a piece of glass with a mass of 65 grams increases by 26 degrees C when it absorbs 840 J of heat energy.

5.  The temperature of 150 g drinking glass decreased from 25 degrees C to 14 degrees C as 200 grams of water were added.  Determine the original temperature of the water.  (Hint: heat loss must equal heat gained.)
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