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FOR THE TEST go to The Mole Concept link below!

This Week: 11-1-99
CHAPTER 4 (121->)     LAB & QUIZ on Fri.
The Mole Concept!
    -Avogadro's Number
    -Molar Mass
    -Molar Conversions
     -Molarity (concentration)
     -Percent Composition
     -Empirical/Molecular Formulas
Go To Mole Concept link below!

Test on Wednesday!  You must be able to write formulas!

Take good notes!  Practice a lot!  Come to tutoring!
Week I
This Week... 9-20-99
First week of the second 6wks!
In Chemistry: pages 50-71
Using ox. #s to determine Formulas
Using Transition Metals & Polyatomic Ions!
Quiz on Friday

Week II  9-27-99
Chem. pages 80-96            
Lab compounds--->reactions
evidence for reactions
Energy (endothermic/exothermic)
Balancing reactions
Test on Monday!!!!!

Week III - Week IV 10-4-99(Test Friday)
Chemistry pages 97-110
5 reaction types:
synthesis A + B --> AB,
decomposition  AB --> A + B,
single replacement  AB + C --> AC + B or AB + C --> CB + A,
double replacement AB + CD --> AD + CB,
combustions C?H? + O2 --> CO2 + H2O
***C?H? is a hydrocarbon***
Test on Friday!!!!!
For Help & Practice GoTo ChemTeam, click on Equations & Reaction Types

Week: V-VI 10-18-99
CHAPTER 4 (121-153)
The Mole Concept!
    -Avogadro's Number
    -Molar Mass
    -Molar Conversions
My Quia activities and quizzes
Polyatomic Ions
Good to get to know these.
Naming Compounds (Still Important!)
Moles "The Beginning"
Last Test of Semester!
Useful links
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