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Chemistry Test on Friday

Balancing Chemical Equations
(practice links below)    

Writing balanced equations from word equations
(includes writing formulas)

Exothermic vs Endothermic

Chemistry pages 97-110
5 reaction types:
synthesis A + B --> AB,
decomposition  AB --> A + B,
single replacement  AB + C --> AC + B or AB + C --> CB + A,
double replacement AB + CD --> AD + CB,
combustions C?H? + O2 --> CO2 + H2O
***C?H? is a hydrocarbon***

If you need help with Dimensional Analysis, check out the links below.

Check Out the Useful Links to Study!!!
There are tutorials and extra practice w/ answers (especially good for balancing practice!)
Play the games to practice too.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Polyatomic Ions
Get to know them.
Balancing Chemical Equations
Reaction Types: session 10-14-99
session name: 10-14-99
Chemical Reactions
Useful links
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