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Chenery Middle School Reading Specialist
Welcome to Dr. Long's 6th grade reading class!

Schedule for Week of December 6,1999:
   Day 1& 2  - Complete pages 1-5 in Reasoning & Reading.
   Homework - Play Mesopotamia Challenge.  Keep a record  
   of your score.
   Day 3 & 4 - Answer questions about a magazine article
   which discusses Gloria Estefan's life in Momentum.
   Homework - Play Mesopotamia Challenge. I have added new
   questions and made many corrections.  Record your score.
   Day 5 & 6 - Correct questions on pages 1-5 in R & R.
   Discuss identifying main ideas in biographies.
   Homework - Prepare list of main ideas in the biography
   you have read.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Mesopotamia Challenge
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