cherokee Cherokee
I wouldn't dare put my full real name on aol, so i'll just put Cherokee, which is what my teacher calls me. The reason that I picked Cherokee is because I'm part Cherokee Indian, and I used  to ride a Quarter Horse named Cherokee. I now ride an Arabian horse named Tubby. He's SOOOOOOOOO adorable!
He's a bay with a crooked stripe on his forehead, and he has the cutest little arab ears. But he just went to a show and got shaved, to look really pretty (although he already is!). Since he just got shaved, his ears look too long, and they lose the cute look. But he's cute anyway!!!! By the way, at that show, he won over all Novice Reserved Champion!!!! At my first show I rode a 25 year old Quarter Horse mare, named Peppermint Patti. But I could go on forever on this subject, so I'll change the subject. I have four main best friends, but I won't put their name's on aol. (It be not safe) I blessed the world with my wonderful, beautiful presence on January 1, 1 B.C. I live in Antarctica. It's really hot there, I wish I could move to Ecuador where it's really cold, and there are no volcanoes about to erupt! Plus I would have the whole country to myself, unlike Antarctica where there are millions of poor people. If you have to, explain it to your neighbor. Anyway, If you would like to know a little bit more 'bout me, go to my profile. IF YOU DARE!!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!! Just kidding! :)
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