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BIENVENIDOS-WELCOME to Señora McGrew's Spanish Web Page

"Every hour a rainforest plant, animal, or insect becomes extinct.  Every hour.  Every second of every day an area of rainforest the size of two football fields is destroyed.  Every second.  Forever."

To purchase and protect rainforest acres in Ecuador, call The Nature Conservancy at 1-800-84-ADOPT, or click on their web site address at the bottom of this page! Gracias amigos!

Remember to support the Brooks Elementary "Adopt An Acre of Rainforest" penny drive beginning March 4th!  "Gracias" to all parents and students who participated in our International Day for Tolerance "Native Attire Contest" on November 16th!   Students came to school wearing native clothing from other countries and explained the attire to the class!  Brooks Elementary students also sang beautifully in Spanish and English during the concerts in the malls and civic center this year, as well as the 3rd grade presentations at school!!   Our 5th graders are now preparing for their oral presentations to be given in Spanish about the research they have done on the Spanish speaking country of their choice!   "Mexican Hot Chocolate" and  "Making and Breaking Piñatas" were enjoyed by classes winning the most stars in Spanish!  Brooks es chevere!! (Brooks is awesome!)

Qúe Pasa Calabaza?  You can click on the games below to practice the Spanish that you learn in class!  Click on "reload" on your computer tool bar if images are blurred.  Español es chevere!!. - Senora McGrew
My Quia activities and quizzes
Numeros 1-15 in Spanish
Numeros 1-20 in Spanish
Count by Tens to 100 in Spanish!
Math Problems - Spanish Numbers 1-100
Math Problems - Spanish numbers 1-10
Days of the week
Challenge Game
Colors in Spanish
Weather in Spanish
School Vocabulary
Parts of the Body in Spanish
Months in Spanish
Fruits and Vegetables
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