chextracredit Mrs. Hambrick
  Crusaders History Teacher
Here are some EXTRA CREDIT assignments students may do to raise their grades.  Note that some assignments do have expiration dates, so this list will change every few weeks.

Translate from Latin...
Earn 5 to 25 extra credit points by figuring out what these phrases mean!


E pluribus unum

Alma mater

Ave Maria


Pater noster

Cave me ante ulles catapultes ambules.

Virtutis gloria mercces.

Tua mater caliges gerit!

Pro libertate

E pluribus unum.

Patre Troias X annos proeliato nihil mihi datum nisi haec tunicula pediculosa.

Current events...10 points each, up to 50 per unit
Find a newspaper article on the country or region we are studying.  Clip the article.  On a separate sheet of paper, write a 1 paragraphy summary of the article and 1 paragraph stating your opinion on the issue.

Write a research report on an African country.  Minmum 5 pages, double spaced, 12 point type with 1.5 inch margins.  Use at least 3 sources.  Include a title page and bibliography.  Up to 50 points, due by May 6, 2000.
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