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Chico Senior High School French 2 student
French at Chico High is really fun. Nous regardons beaucoup de cinema. SO far this year we have watched Alice in Wonderland, Les Miserables, Beauty and the Beast, 101 Dalmations and many, many more all in francais. We are very fond of Disney movies in our class. Watching movies is a bonne way to apply comprehension to the new words we learn in class, even though we can't understand most of what the movie is saying we can kind of get wahat is going on. Oh yeah, we also watched theoriginal version of Three Men and A Baby, in french. It was actually made in french aussi butiit had subtitles so we really did understand that one. By the way we watched My Father's Glory and Manon of the Moutains - it had that guy from My Father the Hero in it. That was cool because we recpgnized him from American films but of course he spoke french in ce film. Umm, well it times to go but I will update this demain.
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A word search I made that is in French and is fun.
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