chikuma me (Japanese welcome!)
The activities here require Japanese fonts. Some activities might not work depending on the version of your web browser. Be sure to set [Character Set] or [Encode] at [Japanese (Auto-detect)]. The non-Java option of flashcards might work even if the Java option does not work.
My Quia activities and quizzes
201: Conjugating Adjectives
a game for conjugating adjectives
102: Adjectives - Opposites
a vocabulary game for adjectives
101: Hiragana
a game for hiragana recognition
201: Kanji for Chapter 4 (1-12)
a kanji game
313: Kanji for Chapter 1 (1-12)
a kanji game
201: Kanji for Chapter 4 (13-25)
313: Kanji for Chapter 1 (13-25)
101: Katakana
a game for katakana recognition
201: Chapter 4 Review
a review quiz just for fun! (not graded)
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