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   Hi and thank you for visiting my (new) web site.This site is dedicated to the awareness of child abuse. First of all child abuse is a very fast-growing conflict in our contry and thoughout other countries too. Nothing is being done and no one is giving any help to stop abuse of children in the United States and around the world.

So,one day my teacher assigned our class this  assignment. Me and the rest of her 8th grade classes were told to pick an office we would like to run for. We were to promote ourselves and we were to build our own platform plank. The biggest part of the assignment  was that we had to make  this platform plank on an issue we wanted to cover in are campain, as long as they were under once of the following topics:  Education, Environmnet, Civil Rights, and Civil Participation.  We were not choosing issues the teacher wanted us to; but instead issues we wanted our voters to be recognize us by--just like if we really were running for an office.

   So I decided that this would be a perfict time for me to start a program that could help people understand how child abuse is a terrible thing in our country and it is growing every year. So that is why I am hear to make YOU aware of this terrible thing that is happening everywhere--ALL of the time.

   Please E-mail me at any time if you have a question our if you would like to talk to me... @    

   Thanks for visiting my website and come again!


                       Cain Boswell
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