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CNS High School Family & Consumer Science Dept.

This Quia Web Site is to help you, the student, be successful in this Infant Child Psychology Class.  This site will be used to check assignments, review for quizzes, find out what is coming up, and to complete various assignments.

Class Periods 1 & 2:
Bring Notebooks and Baby Books to Class
Due Friday: Chapter 9 (Workbook pages 6-9 to 6-13)

Class Periods 5,7 & 8:
Bring Notebooks and Baby Books to Class
Due Thursday: Chapter 9 (Workbook pages 6-9 to 6-13)

End of the 5 Weeks was Friday, December 15th.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!
See you next year!!

Homework & Projects or Assignments:
Homework is an important part of this course.  There will be outside reading and chapter summaries required as well as additional projects.  It will be necessary to complete the homework assignments on time so we can build on the information in class. All work should be brought to class.  No locker passes given for forgotten work.

Late work is always accepted with grading as follows:
Turned in within the next day in mailbox: deduct 10 points
Turned in next class: deduct 20 points
After this: "0" for assignment
(work graded as extra credit and averaged against the "0")
My Quia activities and quizzes
Genetics and Prenatal Testing
Fetal Development
Prenatal Development Terms and Definitions
Month by Month Pregnancy Development
Enviromental Dangers
Birth Defects
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