Plano Middle School
The Sixth Grade Reading program is divided into six themes:"Survival," "In Search of the Real Me," "Unwrapping Ancient Mysteries," "Imagination at Work," "Finding Common Ground," and "Ocean Quest." These themes include selections taken from famous fiction and nonfiction books. The quarterly reading grade is based on oral reading ability, comprehension activities, and skill work relating to the reading themes and incorporating grammar and writing skills.

Students may or may not have a daily assignment in reading. However, when assigned, it is expected that work will be turned in on time. Daily work completion is a must for maximum learning and impacts highly on quarterly grades.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Theme 1 Vocabulary Words
Theme 2 Vocabulary Words
Theme 3 Vocabulary Words
Theme 4 Vocabulary Words
Theme 5 Vocabulary Words
Theme 6 Vocabulary Words
Reading Class Survey
"Survival" Theme Game
"Finding Common Ground" Theme Vocabulary Scramble
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