choir Mr. Sanders and Mrs. Eads
Beck Junior High
Welcome to the BJH Choir page. This page will be updated approximately every 2 weeks.  We hope that the information contained within this page will be informational and educational.  



28th        SCHLITTERBAHN SOUNDWAVES CONTEST  ALL GRADES   New Braunfels   6:00am-10:00pm  Contest and FUN IN THE PARK!!!!


15th     ALL CHOIRS   End of Year Concerts and Review/Awards
Beck Cafeteria.  6th grade at 6:00pm     7th grade at 7:30pm
My Quia activities and quizzes
General Music Symbol Review
A review game for the names of the music symbols.
Music Jumbles
a word jumble game using basic music terms and concepts
Bach's Fight for Freedom
review of the movie "Bach's Fight for Freedom"
Useful links
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