Templeton Middle School TMS Computer Lab teacher
At this point , you should have a general sense how the class works. When you walk in the classroom, you need to look on the board for that day's assignment. Once we get settled, I will hold a 'review meeting/discussion' with you, the class, to discuss and sometimes demonstrate the activity and also to see if there are any questions.

You need to be independent workers and also use your resources effectively. With the large class sizes, I need you to read the board, listen to my instructions, and ask your neighbors/classmates for help BEFORE you ask for mine. It is also up to you to keep on top of your work; make sure to check in with me if you miss a day to see if you need to catch up or get handouts you may have missed. I will try to post grades and missing assignments regularly but can't always remind you individually to check with me. I will give you up to 2 weeks to complete your work; after that the deadline is over you will receive no  higher than a B; your grade will continue to drop but you will still get credit for handing it in!  I design the assignments so that we have enough time to finish them in class and not have homework..the only time you have homework is when you need to study for our bi-weekly vocabulary quizzes. THAT IS NOT ASKING MUCH..YOUR DESTINY AND GRADE ARE IN YOUR OWN HANDS!! Also, as we progress, you should be maintaining a folder of your work so you have materials to study for our midterm and final exams.

For those of you in the 7th grade Computer class, the following is a highlight of our project work this year:

* Word Processing like adding tables and charts to your letters and memos using MS-WORD
* Computer Vocabulary tests online using QUIA
* A review of Internet Search Techniques: creating and doing Scavenger Hunts, using SEARCH ENGINES and key word searches
* Keyboarding using MAVIS BEACON for accuracy and speed ( 35wpm, 90%+ accuracy)
* Understanding and recognizing computer parts and their purpose
* Creating EXCEL charts and spreadsheets
* Making POWERPOINT presentations using sound and animation
* Learning how to create a web page using HTML codes
* Using a Desktop Publishing software program called MS-Publisher for newsletters & flyers 
* We also do the STOCK MARKET game and practice how to invest using virtual money!
* Taking digital pictures and creating slideshows using PHOTOSTORY and WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER are also a highlight.

Lots to do..but hopefully fun. These skills and more will help you be successful and prepared as you enter THS! 

As always you can email me at if you have questions. See 'ya in class (and don't be late)!
Ms. Chomicki ;-)
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