christine Christine J.
Wright State Unv. Pre-College  
Thank YOU (yep, yep, yep, YOU, who is reading this thing right now) for visiting "Christine J". Well, this week we are at Wright State Unversity's summer school learning about computers. We set up our e-mails, make web pages (this one) ... etc.
   I'll tell you some boring information about me. I like to draw, read, write e-mails, swim, gossip with my friends, and talk. See? Isn't it boring? I am writing this, because I don't know what to write. Ok, I guess I am done. If you want to know more... e-mail me at   OK?
              Here are 2 jokes you would like to hear:

1. Once apon a time, there was 2 children named Trouble and Crazy.
"Trouble, do you want to play hide and seek?" asked Crazy.
"Sure, you be it."
After a while Trouble got lost, and Crazy was really worry.
Mean while, there was a policeman coming by and...
"Sir, sir... I am looking for Trouble!!!" shouted Crazy.
"What, are you crazy?!" , answered the police.
"Yes, yes... how do you know?"

2. Why isn't your nose 12 inches?

Because it's a ft.
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