chsesp2 Sra. Dominguez-Yon
Cupertino High School, Modern Language Dept.

Spanish 2 Students:

Your task is to:
  -- individually create 4 quizzes with at least 80 different vocabulary words, and
  -- as a group create 1 game with at least 120 different vocabulary words.
You will use:
  -- nouns (family, school, house, furniture, food, clothes, body, professions, city sites, animals, vehicles, geography, countries/cities, calendar, numbers, colors, sports/pasttimes, etc.)
  -- verbs: their meanings and all tenses (present, preterite, imperfect, imperative, future, conditional, progressive, past participle)
  -- adjectives (size, number, position, importance, possesion/ownership, age, shape, emotion/character, condition, origin, function)
To begin, go to the Quia Home Page and click on "Activity Manager". You'll have to login to create a quiz or game. When you're finished, you can send the web address to the teacher and to classmates -- be sure to put your name in the message box!
See class handout for due dates and presentation requirements.
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