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10 Steps to Preparing a Successful Thanksgiving Dinner...
Where Do You Begin?
#1 the most important thing to do - is get ORGANIZED!!!
#2 start with the websites below to find out what other chefs do to be successful- look for the tip section and Q & A section
#3 watch the videos on these sites - you will learn some important cooking techniqes (pie crusts, roasting a turkey, knife skills etc.)
#4 complete the TV show assignment ASAP so you can use what you learn in our class. To do this, watch a cooking show about preparing Thanksgiving recipes and complete the worksheet. If you do not get the Food Channel, see Mrs. Plein to arrange a time that you can watch a video that she has.
#5 sign up to work on the Thanksgiving preparations before or after school or during lunchtime. Because this is a HUGE project and we want a delicious outcome, everyone will need to do some work outside of class time. There are some assignments that can be completed at home, if you are unable to work before or after school or during lunch. Sign up ASAP because there are limited opportunities in each time slot. Students who do not sign up will be required to come afterschool on Wednesday to finish the cleanup.
#6 come to class on time and be prepared to work!!!
#7 read the recipe at least 2 times BEFORE you begin and ask questions if you are not 100% sure
#8 clean as you go and make sure you get permission from Mrs. Plein before you leave each day
#9 let Mrs. Plein know what needs to be done if a recipe is not finished when you leave
#10 act PROFESSIONAL (if you pretend you are a professional, other people will believe it)
DO YOUR BEST - everyone is counting on YOU!!!

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