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Cameron R-I High School  
French II -- Sept. 27 - Oct. 1

Review all conjugations of avoir and the avoir expressions -there will be a quiz, including speaking and spelling, over all of them on Friday for black day classes and Monday for gold day classes.

Monday/Tuesday homework:
      Make flashcards for avoir and avoir expressions.

Wednesday/Thursday homework:
      Complete Quia! activities on computer.
      Study avoir expressions for quiz.
      Do avoir expressions sentence completion worksheet.

Friday/Monday homework:
      Take avoir expressions quiz.
      Begin new vocabulary -- family members
        une grand-mere = a grandmother
        un grand-pere = a grandfather
        une mere = a mother   
        un pere = a father
        une soeur = a sister  
        un frere = a brother
My Quia activities and quizzes
Avoir Expressions
Choose the correct word or phrase using avoir expressions.
Avoir expressions hangman
avoir expressions
Choose the correct answer in French.
avoir expressions: session avoir expressions
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