ciep491n78 Mr. Tremback
Loyola University Chicago CIEP 491 N78
    Computer Research Project

Computer Research Project

First, research ANY topic using the following resources:

· World Wide Web
· Gopher
· Newsgroups
· Email
Non Internet:
· Electronic Library Reference Materials (even those available through Netscape and Loyola's Web page)
· CD-ROM Based Reference Materials
· Any computer program

During your research you must have found at least:
2 World Wide Web Resources
1 Gopher, Newsgroup, or EMail Resource
2 Non-Internet Resources

Write a six page paper (more or less) that critiques the computer research process.  Your paper should include:

A summary of the information you found
An analysis of the process
What was easy/difficult
Helpful Sources/Sources Not Helpful
Solutions/Problems found
Other applications you might be able to use the above for
Potential for using this technology in YOUR field
Problems with using this technology in YOUR field
A bibliography (listing of references...including URL's and dates where applicable).  

See links below for how to cite electronic sources.
Useful links
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