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This web page is for to help you with the project on which you will work in the last term of the school year. The presentation of the project will be of your choice  and your group. Groups will be made up of 4-5 members each.


Students think critically by comparing versions of the same fairy tale, “Cinderella”.

Task 1. Read 3 to 4 versions of Cinderella (see The Class Link)apart from the ones in your book.
Task 2. After reading each fairy tale, check to see what motifs (themes) that appear in the fairy tales and note any similarities or differences.
Task 3. Show on a world or regional map the location of each story you read.
Task 4. Visit the WORLD OF READING and select SUBMIT A REVIEW and click on it. Print a copy of the form.
Task 5. Complete the form. Read it to two team members. They are to assist you in editing and revising your review and will put their initials on the form next to your name. You are to try to persuade the reader of your review to read the book. Give them at least three reasons why they should read your book.
Task 6. Fill out the form on the Internet and go to the bottom of the form and click on the button SUBMIT REVIEW
Task 7. Use How to Make a Venn Diagram to complete a Venn Diagram to compare the stories you have read with one from the collection.
Task 8. Present your findings and reviews in an attractive manner in order to mount a display at the end of the year.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy the stories.



1. Students view Fox's 1998 version of Cinderella "Ever After".
2. Students view Disney's feature-length catoon of Perrault's Cinderella.
3. During each showing the students fill out the following questionnaire.
4. Students discuss the answers to the questionnaire in learning groups.
5. Students write a 5 to 8 paragraph essay that compares these movies.


DIRECTIONS: Answer each question as completely as you can.

1. Write the name of the film and its director.
2. What is the technique used to present the story? Live actors, claymation, animated cartoon drawings, puppets or any combination of these techniques.
3. Describe the Cinderella character in this film. Tell what she looks like and does.
4. Describe the Prince character. Tell what he looks like and does.
5. Describe Cinderella’s family situation.
6. Describe Cinderella’s friends and helpers.
7. Describe your favorite scene and tell why you liked it.
8. Describe the special effects. Were they any good?
9. If music was used, tell how it was used to reinforce the story.
10. What main idea do you get out of this film?
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