EAST HIGH SCHOOL Cisco Networking Year One
Cisco Networking I (Semester 1)

                     CHAPTER 7
               Layer 2: Technologies

In this chapter, you learn more about Ethernet, FDDI, and Token Ring, along with the IEEE specifications for each of these technologies.  You also learn about the LAN standards that specify cabling and signaling at the physical and data link layers of the OSI reference model.  In addition, you look more closesly at layer 2 devices and see some basic Ethernet 10BaseT troubleshooting.

* Take practice test on Chapter 7 and Binary REVIEW.

* Read Chapter 7 and complete Journal Vocabulary and  Questions.

* Complete Labs assigned by instructor.
Continue to practice making CAT5 UTP cables.
Straight-Through Cable
Crossover Cable
Rollover Cable

* Take review tests Chapters 6.

** Homework:  Read Chapter 7 and study for test.

*** Take Chapter 7 CISCO TEST.

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