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The games linked below can be done in class or at your desk.  Work with a partner whenever you can -- it's more fun that way!  

1.  CIS Terms Old & New will increase your familiarity with new terms that come with the new system.  

2.  Hangman will strengthen your ability to remember the new terms that replace our old, familiar terminology.

3.  CIS/OV Basic Review Game requires that you log on to the Navigate Region in CIS/OV to look up the answers. 

CLICK ON one of the underlined links below to start playing the game of your choice.
My Quia activities and quizzes
CIS Terms, Old and New (Updated)
CIS Terms, Old & New
CIS/OV Hangman Game
Hangman Game
CIS/OV Basic Review
CIS/OV Basic Review Game
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