civicstars Ms. Gawel
Fred Lynn Middle School Civics teacher
Welcome to the STARS Team.

Below you will find information on the following:
           bell schedule
           classroom rules
           daily class assignments   
           extra credit assignments

Bell Schedule:

7:50  - Walkers Enter Cafeteria
8:00  - Homeroom Doors Open (Tardy 8:05)
8:05  - 8:25  Homeroom/Announcements/Silent Reading
8:30  - 9:15  1st Period (Related Arts)
9:20  - 10:03 2nd Period
10:08 - 10:53 3rd Period
10:58 - 11:43 4th Period (Related Arts)
11:48 - 12:35 5th Period
12:40 - 1:00  LUNCH with their 5th Period Class Teacher
1:05  - 1:50  6th Period
1:55  - 2:40  7th Period

Classroom Rules:

Allow me to teach.
Allow others to learn.

Daily Class Assignments:

Daily homework assignments will be posted on this site every monday for the entire week.  Students and parents are asked to check daily for changes that may occur.  Students and parents are also reminded to use the classroom agenda and the homework hotline (703) 494-5157 #130 to obtain important classroom information.

January 14 - January 18

This week students have been completing learning centers in the classroom.  Students have 19 centers to complete. They are all centered around Historical Documents and the US Constitution.  There is no homework this week.

January 21- January 25

Monday - Martin Luther King, Jr Contest.  We wish Vicky N. the best of luck in the contest!

Tuesday - Historical Document Review

Wednesday -  Historical Documents Test

Thursday - Judicial, Politcal Party, Political Process Review.

Friday - Judicial, Politcal Party, Political Process Test - All 7th grade students will be taking this test.

Students may play any games on this website for extra credit.  Students need to email me the games they played and their score.  I will add 5 points to their lowest quiz or test grade for each game they play.  Extra Credit can not be used for missed assignments.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Native American Review
5th Grade SOL Native American Game (Settlements)
American Indian Dwellings
5th Grade SOL Native American Game (Dwellings)
American Indian Groups
5th Grade SOL Native American Game (Culture)
Landmark Dates: session gawel1
5th Grade SOL Dates Quiz
Impact of Exploration on American Indians
5th Grade Review - Exploration Impact on American Indians - Quiz
13 Original Colonies
5th grade SOL review - Word Jumble
5th Grade SOL review - Explorers
Explorers #2
5th Grade SOL Review - Explorers
6th Grade Vocabulary
6th Grade SOL Review
World Wars
6th Grade SOL Review - WWI & WWII
1920s & 1930s
6th Grade SOL Review
Powers and Duties of the President
Powers of the President
The President and Vice President
Review of the Presidency
Fifth Grade Review
Review 5h grade information
Useful links
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