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Citizenship and Civil Society:  What are my responsibilities?

We have learned that in order for democracy to work, it’s citizenry must fulfill two roles:  civic and civil duties.  As Alexis de Toqueville remarked, “America is a society where enlightened self-interest  is also serving the purposes of the common good.”

In this assignment you will research voluntary organizations whose “enlightened self-interest”  has served to fill a need or a void in a civil society.  In pairs, your task will be to:

Select a voluntary organization (civil or civic)
Describe it’s goals/purpose and function
Tell what void or need it is filling in order to create a civil society
Investigate the act ivies it undertakes to achieve their goals
Tell how they are funded
Evaluate the success of the organization
Explain how government could/should be involved, if at all, and the impact this would have on the organization
Tell why people should join and participate in this organization

You need to present your findings in a report (2-3 pages, single spaced, font 12, double space between paragraphs, bold paragraph headings, bibliography with a minimum of 5 sources) which will serve as the basis for your next assignment:

You will be creating a public service announcement (PSA) for this organization and a brochure that will be produced in the computer lab next Tuesday, November 13.

Due Dates:
11-6 Library.  Do the necessary research and develop an outline
(use the above bulleted items as your
guide.Turn in outline at end of period. 
Check out or download all necessary information to write your report.
11-7 Classroom:  type out a rough draft of your report on the Alpha Smarts - consult with teacher on progress.
11-8 Library:  Fill in the gaps of your report with further research.  Turn in bibliography at the end of the period.
11-9 Classroom:  Finish typing out report on Alpha Smarts.  Turn in report.
11-13 Computer Lab:  Develop PSA announcement and build brochure.
11-16 Brochure and PSA script/presentation due in class.

Use the following web sites as a basis for your research!

"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world.  Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead
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