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Dear F.4 Chemistry Students,

The 1st Term Exam is NOT FAR .... -- you have to learn continuously, not breaks after breaks.   THIS IS THE PROBLEM FOR some OF YOU..... can't learn from your daily things -- THIS IS PARTICULAR important for Chemistry as...chemicals are around US!

WHY needed to learn from daily life substances?  
1.  "Revision" is the BEST way to learn.  [¾Ç¦Ó®É²ß¤§, ¤£¥ç¼Ö¥G]    Things around you are those that you have to learn in CHEMISTRY.

2.  "Classify" is the WAY to MEMORISE better.  We learn things little by little -- but have to add-on the old stuff (not to throw them away).    Many of you have the habit of "displacement" (learning new and forget the old)!!!

3.  "Practice MAKES Perfect".....  Practice in your mind while you are walking the street, the SUPERMARKET (food and drug labels), department stores, jewellery stores (metals, diamonds, ....)

Work hard for your FUTURE --> F.5 CE Exam (see more news in May every year....) & further.. (AL, or overseas, Universities, etc....)
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Testing your BASIC chemical knowledge in daily substances
Testing your Daily chemical knowledge...
Testing your BASIC chemical knowledge in daily substances: session common sense chemistry
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