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STFA Lee Shau Kee College, Chemistry Dept. AL chem (01-03)
Dear F.6 Chemistry Students,

Learning in AL (Advanced) is not easy.... You must brush up yourself anyTIME.   This webpage contains a lot of things to help you throughout the course:

(I) READ -- links to articles that you should read;

(II) WRITE -- suggested essay questions that you should practise your writing in accordance with the AL Exam Paper IC requirement;

(III) THINK & Self-testing -- In this era of ICT, everyone SHOULD on his/her own.  The Internet platform helps as it gives you feedback immediately and may help to locate your study profile.

(IV) ASK -- you may ask questions anyTIME through email

~~ Good Luck ~~
Mr. Wong

***< This page will be __updated__ according to our discussion in class/lab... Do come occassionally and brush up yourself!!! >
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Basic Chemistry (type of bonding, structure, uses, ...)
Testing your BASIC chemical knowledge in daily substances: session common sense chemistry
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AL Energetics Study
conceptual test about enthalpy changes...
Useful links
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