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Welcome to Mr. K's Quia home page.  This is designed to help us keep you informed about what is going on in our music classroom.


There are lots of new games.  To help you learn the instruments of the orchestra there is a HANGMAN game and a JUMBLED WORD game.  To help you learn some musical terms, there is a MATCH GAME and a POP-UP game.  There is also a Music Trivia CHALLENGE BOARD game, but you may need Mom and Dad to help you with that one.


Students in third grade who want to take my quizzes should log into a "session."  Click on the link that says "quiz session log in" at the bottom of this page.  Put your teacher's name in the session box.  Don't forget to put your name in the box at the top of the quiz.


The 2nd Grade classes presented the November PTC program.  They presented a program called "What I Want to Be."  The songs were about things that children want to be when they grow up.  The children really did a great job.


The 1st Grade classes will present the January PTC program.  They will present a program of songs, dances and play party games.  It will be a lot of fun.  See you there!

Mr. K

My Quia activities and quizzes
Music Match Game
A match game using musical terms.
Musical Terms
Test your knowledge of musical terms.
Instruments of the Orchestra
Identify instruments of the orchestra.
Musical Instruments Jumble
Unscramble the names of musical instruments.
Musical Trivia
More for parents than Kids!
Musical Terms
A fun way to learn musical terms.
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