Longfellow Middle School Computer Education, Grades 6-8
Hello Lions,

Welcome to my Quia Computer Class Page.  I think you will enjoy using Quia this semester.  You will access this page to play review games related to computer concepts we are covering in class. 

At times you will take tests online. This is a great feature for both teachers and students.  The majority of the time you will get immediate feedback on your quizzes.  Please don't forget to write the name of the quiz/review and your score in your LMS agenda.

This page will be updated often so check back if you don't find what you are looking for.  You may also go to and search for other activities and reviews that may help you with your other classes.

If you have questions, don't hestitate to ask!  I look forward to learning with you this year.

Mrs. Clarbour
My Quia activities and quizzes
Computer Vocabulary 1
Computer Vocabulary 2
Computer Terms
Computer System Basics
Keyboarding Quiz 1 - (copy)
Keyboarding Quiz 1 - (copy): session this is the test for 9/17/04
Computer Class Overview - (copy)
Vocabulary/Keyboarding Quiz: session computer test 1
Computer Vocab Two
E-mail Concepts and Terms
PowerPoint Basics 6th Grade
Internet Terms
Internet Navigation
Computer abbreviations - (copy)
Match the Parts of the Word Window
100 Most Common SAT Words - (copy)
Test your Internet IQ - (copy)
Computer ethics 1.01
Computer Apps 1.02
Computer Social and Ethical Issues
Computer Input and Output Devices
Graphics on the Computer
Basic keyboarding I
Types of Software
File Extensions
Part 3 - What is Digital Information?
WP Challenge
Internet History and Exploration
Powerpoint Terms and uses
Word Processing
Integration/Web Page Design
Word Project 2-MLA
Word Project 2-MLA
Spreadsheet Excel
Spreadsheet Rags to Riches
Apps1 6.00 Spreadsheet Vocabulary
Y8 Spreadsheet Quiz
EXCEL / Spreadsheet Hangman
Review for Finals (Challange Board)
Technology Assessment
Final Exam**Introduction to Computers
Fundamentals-Various topics
Quick intro quiz for Excel
Key Skills Revision 2
Mid Term Examination 1
Office 2000 Application and Internet Explorer
Excel Battleships
Spanish Computer Vocabulary
Computer Software Terms
Computer History Quiz
Technology Hangman
Microsoft Excel Terms
6-Computer Literacy Terminology
6-Computer Literacy Terminology
Computer Proficiency Exam 2013 -- Whittier Middle School
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