classnews Ms. Hemby
Slaughter Elem. 4th grade teacher
Weeks of 2-21-00
and 2-28-00

Important Dates to remember:
TAAS Writing Day:  Feb. 22
(remember to get plenty of rest)

Research paper due: March 1

Spring Break:  March 6-10

From the teacher:

  This week we will be taking the TAAS writing test.  This is our chance to show off all we know about writing.  We have worked as hard as a pro-football team preparing for the superbowl, and I have no doubt that my students are going to do GREAT!  We are continuing working on measurement, time, and weight in math.  We are still reading "A Line in the Sand" in reading/social studies.  We made the six flags of Texas in groups and found the preimeter and area of each flag.  After that, each group wrote a brief description of their flag, and to top it all off each student wrote a how to writing on how to make a flag.  Students are researching a person who contributed to the Texas Revolution and will be dressing up as that person on the day of their presentation. I can't wait to see Suzanna Dickinson, Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, and many more that day.  We will be making a Texas Revolution time line and mural that tells the story of how Texas won it's Independence.  Students are reading every day from their AR books.  Next week we really hit those reading and math objectives to prepare for TAAS. 

Ms. Hemby

Courtney S.

  Today we real a lot and Ms. Hemby didn't let us do any writng, because yesterday was the writing TAAS test and I think my class ROCKED!  We played Ketchup today in class.  It means we caught up on our work.  Then, we read "A Line in the Sand" together.  I think what we read aloud was very interesting, because we are getting closer to the battle of the Alamo.
  Well, I think today was a very good day.  My favorite part of the day was when we read "A Line in the Sand" together.  I liked that very much!!
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