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  Physical Science
Class Rules and Procedures – Mr. Bulicki

I. Mandatory Daily Supplies

1. A three ring binder with loose-leaf paper or single subject notebook.
2. A folder for handouts

1. The textbook(s) supplied are your responsibility.  They are fairly new and fairly expensive; therefore, all books must be covered at all times.

Writing Utensils
1. A pen or pencil

II. Assignments

Classwork and Homework
1. The following heading is to be used on all papers submitted.  Notes that are to remain in your notebook do not need to have the heading below.

Name of Assignment Your Name
Page of Assignment Date

2. All questions and answers are to be written in complete sentences. (Unless told otherwise)

*As per school policy, Classwork counts for 25% of your grade, and homework counts as 25% of your grade.  Therefore, bringing all the necessary materials to class and following all assignment guidelines will greatly enhance your grades.

III. Absences/Early Dismissals

1. Student’s handbook policies will be followed.
2. It is your responsibility to get and turn in missed assignments.  Notes are to be copied from a classmate.  All handouts or other materials will be given to upon your return to school.

IV. Extra Help

1. Extra help will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.  (A minimum one-day notice is needed to schedule busses as well as to avoid scheduled faculty meetings.)

                           Class Standards

1. It is your responsibility to be prepared for class everyday.  This includes going to the   
lavatory before class, having all mandatory class supplies each day, and being ready to begin class when the bell rings.
2. Respect your classmates’ opinions.  One person talks at a time; therefore, wait to be called on before addressing the class.
3. Remain in your seat unless given permission to leave it.
4. Be respectful of everyone in the room.  (This includes other students and faculty.)

     Class standards and procedures are used not to punish but to enable the best environment for learning.
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