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Here are several activities to help practice your vocabulary skills and other information pertinent to your level of Latin. Remember to bring hard copies of 3 items related to a Stage to receive extra credit for that Stage. This may be done only once per Stage.
Let me know if any of the links are not active.
These activities will be active all summer with more being added soon. Plan to use them to keep up your Latin vocabulary skill!

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Magistra Optima
My Quia activities and quizzes
Stage 18 Vocabulary, p. 118
stage 12 vocabulary
Stage 24 Vocabulary
Stage 25 Vocabulary
Stage 26 Vocabulary, text p. 103
Stage 13 Vocabulary
Stage 14 Vocabulary
Stage 35 Vocabulary
Root-Latin and Greek Set #1
Root Words--Set Two
Volo, Possum & Nolo Practice lists
Marcus Tullius Cicero
St. 28-29 Those Cum-Clauses, Ha!
Stage 24 Practice
Scientific Roots from Latin Set 1
Scientific Roots Set 3
Root Words--Set Two
Latin and Greek Roots Set 3
Latin and Greek Root Words Set 4
Scientific Roots Set 4
Useful links
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