City College of San Francisco
ESL Clerical -- Spring, 2005
Karen Weichert, Instructor
Office 2nd Floor
Phone:  267-6524

Class Description:  Introduction to Microcomputers for ESL
Micro Business Applications

Texts:  Learning Microsoft Office 2003, Weixel, author
Calendar:  January 18 to May 27

Holidays:  February 18 – Lincoln’s Birthday
   February 21 – Washington’s Birthday
   March 25 – Cesar Chavez Day
   March 28 – April 1 – Spring Break

Welcome to the ESL Micro Business Applications class.  This class is meant for those students who want to get a clerical type of job someday. In this course we will focus on improving your computer skills using Microsoft Office Suite:  Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.  After completing this course, you should be able to do the following with:

1. Write paragraphs using memo and business letter format
2. Use edit features to delete, insert, move and copy text.
3. Use format features to change the appearance of documents.
4. Create and work with tables.
5. Use mail merge, address envelopes and make labels.
6. Create and run simple macros.
1. Organize worksheets (spreadsheets) and enter data.
2. Format data and cells.
3. Enter and use formulas to do calculations.
4. Create charts
1. Create a database and enter data.
2. Edit records.
3. Retrieve records and data.
4. Perform queries
5. Display information in report form

1. Create a PowerPoint presentation.
2. Add slides
3. Edit and Format a Presentation

In addition to the above, you are responsible for taking periodic tests on vocabulary and application skills. You are also responsible for turning in homework assignments. I will keep a record of your work. If you do not complete the assignments (production tasks), you will not pass the class and will not be eligible for a certificate at the end of the program.  Therefore, it is very important that you do all of the assigned work.

You will be allowed only 7 days of excused absences. Please schedule doctor appointments, etc. for the afternoon.  Please come to class on time.  Use the bathroom or make telephone calls before or after class. 

Absolutely no eating or drinking in class—not even water!

NO CELL PHONES, PLEASE!  Turn them off!

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