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South Shore Charter School Pod 1 Teacher
Hellooooo Pod 1 Students!

I am glad to see you again this week.  

This week, we are starting a new way of using the computers in our room.  I have made a CLASS PAGE for Pod 1.  You will take quizzes and do activities in math, spelling, and language arts.  You will see your scores right away!  And, the scores will be sent to me every night at my house. I will bring them in for you to see. :-)

Each student has their own "login" name which is your first name. The password you must use is:  


When you are finished with a quiz, click on the STUDENT PAGE button.  If there is not a STUDENT PAGE button, hit the back button until you return to the FunBrain page with the list of quizzes.  Ask for help if you need it


1. Go to USEFUL LINKS at the bottom of the page.
2. Double Click next to the box where it says URL.  This is where the internet address is put.  It looks like this:

3. Where it says Student Login, type the class password (remember it is Purple777), and then type your first name and click GO.

4. Find the Quiz Section.  Choose 1 Math, 1 Spelling, and 1 Language Arts quiz to do during your computer time. You may do more if there is time.  

5.  After you take your quizzes, and if there is time, go to LINKS and visit other learning games or internet sites.  

6.  Don't Forget!  If you get lost, hit the BACK button on the top of you screen until you get back to FunBrain Quizlab. If that doesn't work, go to Links where it says,  "START OVER IF YOU ARE LOST".  Click under that heading on the link that says "HOME TO DIRECTIONS PAGE".

7.  P.S.  You can work with a partner but only one of you can enter your name.  The score will be in that persons name. To make it fair, sometimes use your login name, and sometimes use the other person's login name.  (the login name is your first name).

Be patient, be nice (as you always are), and keep learning!

Useful links
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