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First Commentary

My first commentary is going to be kinda short since I'm low on time so listen up.
I chose for my first  topic to be question alot of non-wrestling fans ask: Why do you like to watch wrestling? My answer to that is a little harder to type than to tell you, but I'll try my best.
I would guess simply because its the only thing I'm good at, the only true thing I strive to acheive at and the only thing thats been on my mind for 4 years.
        4 years I've trained as hard as I could, and for the next 4 I'll probally try harder. I've given so much in those 4 years, more than any would give in there life time, yet i'm willing to give more, so that one day, people can se a broken down old man and know that my life was a hell of a struggle and in the end I know that if one person understands that I succeeded.
        This my reason why I love wrestling and why someday hope to be one of its immortals.
        My next commentary will tell you how this all started 4 years ago and what i'm currently doing now.
        Till next time,
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