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............wuz up everybody!!!!........

I just want to give a shout out to all my lovely sisters of Kappa Lambda Gamma (Onnie, Taneka, Susie, Quida, Lacey, Tiffany, Ashely, Eva, etc....), and to all my brothers of Kappa Phi (Jai Moore, Kelvin, Duane, Cory, Kyle, Jofton, Adam, etc....) and to all my friends at Ben- high (Rian, Brittany, Charlene, Cory, Paseon, Anthony, Jesse, Jaret, mike , Steven, Jessica N., Jennifer, etc....

Here is some poems to all enjoy reading poems!

Special Touch There's a "special touch" I need. Someone to hold me down. Somebody to replenish my love soul. A touch so soft and gentle it could make any man whole. Once I had the world in the palm of my hands, now it's standing on me, and has left me empty with no means of nourishment. A special touch would keep me warm. Im the midst of the darkness, I will have a light to guide me. More valuable than money, more precious than gold, sweeter than chocolate, I just need someone to hold. But until that day comes along and that special touch has filled my strand, i will stand a lonely man, with the world no longer in my hands.

Jai Moore


I have scars on my heart and body they come from sadness and pain Years of loniness and hate I never asked to be treated this way All I ever wanted is someone to believe in me Depression has came and gone A struggle I had

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