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Beverly O'Shaughnessy, BS, RHIT, CCS, CPC A+ Medical Coding Instruction

This site is provided to you to supplement your education in the PMCC program. This site is optional, however I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to increase your awareness of Medical Coding by using the activities, quizzes, and useful links provided to you on this site. Please feel free to express any of your ideas for improvement to this site. This site is built for YOU! Your input is invaluable.

CHAPTER PAGES: There will be a page for each chapter of the PMCC Handbook. Each page will provide you with activities, quizzes and related links specific to that chapter. See links below.

ACTIVITIES: Activities are provided to help you learn all there is to learn about Coding. The more you practice the more you'll they say "practice makes perfect".

QUIZZES: Quizzes are set up to test your knowledge of what you have learned. Your results will tell you what area of coding you will need to focus on.

MEDICARE TRAINING COURSES: Please take advantage of the Medicare Training Courses as listed under 'Useful Links' below. These courses are free and will give you more education in the areas of Fraud and Abuse, Billing Forms (HFCA 1500 and UB92), Medicare Secondary Payor, Front Office Management, Introduction to the World of Medicare, Home Health Guidelines, Adult Health and Immunization. These are all important areas of coding that you should become familiar with.

-Go to Medicare Training link below and complete the following courses:

Fraud and Abuse
Introduction to the World of Medicare
Medicare Secondary Payor
HCFA-1450 (UB92)
Front Office Management
Home Health Agency
Women's Health
Adult Immunization

You must have Windows 95/98 or Windows NT to use the courses.

A Certification of Completion is provided after completion of each course. The certificates would be a nice addition to any Resume :o)

My Quia activities and quizzes
CHAPTER 1 - Medical Billing Terms
CHAPTER 1 - Medical Billing
CHAPTER 1 - Compliance Terms
Medical Terminology - (copy)
Useful links
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