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Columbus North High School Biology Teacher
Hi people...

Another beautiful weekend, sure to be followed by another wonderful and productive week at school!

First, a reminder that permission slips for the field trip on the 23rd are due on Wednesday.  Get them in if you want to go, and believe me, you want to go!  If there are any parents reading, contact me if you are interested in coming along.  The more chaperones we can get, the smaller the group sizes we can have.  And that is happy!

This week, we will do some preparation for the field trip as we begin to study forest succession.  We will also conclude our last full week of ecocolumn measurements.  In terms of some specifics:

Section 21-2 review sheet collected on Monday
Section 21- 3 review sheet collected at the end of the period on Thursday

We will be doing a lab Thursday and Friday so that we will be able to identify trees in the woods on the field trip.

Plan on a quiz on Friday covering the two sections above.

Well, enjoy the fleeting moments of this lovely weekend!  Go get outside!!

And now for this week's trivia question:
(by the way, thanks to those of you who supplied me with some good questions last week.  There were plenty of good ones that I will surely use in the future.)

What is one species (scientific name) of bacteria which is utilized for bioremediation, what does the term bioremediation mean, and what is a specific situation where this practice has been used?
What type of oak trees do not lose their leaves?

have fun.... Mr. L
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