cnsamhi11rh Ms. Fallis
Cicero-North Syracuse High School American History 11RH
Welcome 11th Grade U.S. History and Government students!


  *help students study and review
  *introduce students to new topics
  *reinforce American History topics
  *link students to important Internet information for
  *update election 2000 news

What is U.S. History and Government RH?
  *a one-year course everyone takes
  *a course with a Regents exam you must pass in order to
  *a balanced blend of state standards with challenging
   activities to meet these standards

What the State expects you to do to meet the Standards:

  *write thematic essays
  *write DBQ-type essays
  *participate in activites relevant to the curriculum
My Quia activities and quizzes
Election 2000 Vocabulary
Useful links
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