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1.  Click on the Java Games for clothing.  

2.  When you are confident with the vocabulary, do the Hangman:  Clothing game.

3.  Next do Jumbled words:  Clothing.

4.  Do the Java Games:  Irregular preterite verbs.

5.  Next, play the Jeopardy game.
My Quia activities and quizzes
La Ropa & Related Shopping Vocab
Java Games: Lecciones 15-16 Vocab
La Ropa
Hangman: Clothing
La Ropa
Spell your clothing words correctly!
Los Verbos Irregulares en el Pretérito
Irregular preterite verbs.
Rutina Diaria
Daily Routine Vocab
La Rutina Diaria
Spell your Daily Routine Vocab correctly
La Rutina Diaria
Hangman w/ your daily routine
La Rutina Diaria
Take a quiz with the Daily Routine Vocab
La Rutina Diaria de Luisa
Jeopardy Game
Play Jeopardy IF YOU DARE!
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