colonies Mr. Jenkins
North Whidbey Middle School
Colonies Research Assignment:

Choose one of the following questions:

1.  What happened to the colonists at Roanoke?  Give three pieces of evidence or reasons to support your answer.

2.  Would you have rather lived in Jamestown or Plymouth Colony?  Give three specific reasons to support your choice.

3. Would you have rather colonized with the French, Spanish, or English?  Why?  Give three reasons to support your answer. 

4. What is three ways slavery has affected North America? 

5. In what three ways has contact with Europeans affected Native Americans since 1492?

Assignment Due Dates:

Question and Keywords - October 19th or 20th double day

Research Notes - October 26th or 27th double day

Outline and Rough Draft - October 30th

Final Draft - October 31st
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