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Story by Connor W. in Kindergarten.
Once upon a time there was a family with piephobia.  Every foggy night an old man came to their house banging and yelling give me some BOOOOOBERRY PIE.

Story by Jacob A. in kindergarten.
The Trick or Treating Story

    This story is about the morning after trick-or-treating.
    I had my bowl of candy and was sorting it all out when, all of a sudden, I heard a scary sound.  I looked around and was aftaid of what I was going to see.  I noticed that my trick-or-treat bag was moving. I went to look inside the bag.  I heard the sound again.  This time the sound wasn't so scary.  I was pretty sure I had heard this sound before.  Now, I was excited to look into the bag.  Just when I was about to look inside, it moved again.  I took a deep breath, reached inside, and felt something soft.  I opened the bag and out jumped my neighbor's puppy!  He must not be claustrophobic!
    The next thing I knew, the phone rang.  My neighbor called to say her dog was missing and was known to be a candy thief.  I told her that I found him.  My neighbor was happy when I said I would bring the puppy back home - but guess what?  She asked me if I wanted to keep the puppy because she knew how much we liked each other. That was the best Halloween treat I ever got!  It's a good thing I am not  puppy-phobic !  The End.
Story by Ryan B. in first-grade.
One dark, spooky Halloween night I was going into my bedroom when I saw the shadows of a Raptor, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Deinonychus, Dimetrodon, lions, and jaguars.  But when I turned on the light, I saw it was only my toys!!  Then I went Trick-or-Treating and there was one house that was very, very scary!  It had a ghost, a bat, a mummy, a scary skeleton, a scary owl, a crow, a web, a spider, a bat and a mad cat!  I have Ascarythingsphobia, so I was about to turn and run, but then the lights came on and when somebody opened the door, I saw that it was only my Grandma and Grandpa!  They gave me lots of candy!

Story by Richard W. in first-grade.
Once upon a time a family lived in an old house by the lake.  They all had piephobia.  Every foggy night the family heard a bang bang bang and a loud yell it was like this BOOOOBERRY.
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