combs Mrs. Combs
St. Simons Elementary School 5th Grade Teacher
We are now studying the Civil Rights movement in all of the reading classes.  This helps us cover that material before testing in the spring.  Please test yourself by completing the games on this page.   

SPELLING #31:  pollute, pollution, protect, protection, inspect, inspection, impress, impression, migrate, migration, promote, promotion, imitate, imitation, decorate, decoration, confess, confession, express, expression  Challenge:  contaminate, contamination, irritate, irritation      

**  Students should be looking at their syllabus each week for a list of their spelling homework assignments. 


DARE - Ask your child about what they are learning in DARE.  I think you will be impressed. 


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If you are curious as to what your fifth grader should be learning, visit  There you will see the state guidelines.  
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