Calhoun High School Español 3
En esta lección vamos a tener cinco estaciones diferentes.
Estación 1 = Repaso del vocabulario nuevo.

Estación 2 = Juego de concentración.

Estación 3 = Ejercicio.

Estación 4 = Examen. (pease click on Quiz session log in at the bottom of the page, and enter the following session name.   profesores)

Estación 5 = E-Mail note.                                   You went to a restaurant and you had a bad dinning experience. The next day you decide to write a letter to the manager of the restaurant complaining about the food and service you received the previous day. 
You must write at least 10 clauses. Make sure you acomplish the purpose of the note which is to complain about the food and service you received. Once you finish writing the note, make sure you E-mail this note to your teacher  at
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